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A) If you can't be happy where you are, you can't be happy anywhere. Discuss, with examples from your own life.

B) Hell is Other People. Do you Agree? Demonstrate how this might or might not apply in the case of:

i) The Armenian Massacres of 1915

ii) Either the life of Algernon Charles Swineburne or the death of Walt Disney.

iii) The darkness before creation

(Answer two of three)

C) Construct an analogy using the saline nature of either tears or the sea and the salt the makes a dish palatable and adds piquance and savour.

(Examinees are encouraged to refer to either the third daughter of Llyr or Lot's wife, but not both)

D) If I was God I would abolish.....

Complete in 250 words or less. Physical practicalities and human nature are to be respected. The Law of Conservation of Happiness may not be violated.

(Counts for 50% of your final score)

Her Kiss
Her Kiss is the deep ocean.

Her kiss is not the deep ocean.
Her kiss is the blue sky.

Her kiss is a blind alley.

Her kiss is her touch is her breath is her fingers is what remains after I go to sleep.

Her kiss is the blackness of sleep.
Her kiss is not the blackness.

Her kiss is the black dog that follows me in the darkness.

There is a black dog beneath the blue sky by the blind alley, beside the deep ocean.
It is not her kiss. Come closer...
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It's "Crawling with Idiots", by the way.
how appropriate that you'd misspell that one... ;)
no, it's definitely idiot, singular. Look it up, B!
WHAT did you just call me?!!! I did, and on my list is says 'Idiots'.
Jerk. Scratch that last comment. I changed my mind!
B! .....explain ... :D .....please
Well, originally it's an abbreviation for "blood", but is also used as a derivative for "brother" or "bro". Just a way of addressing someone. It's an endearment. as in "what up, B?" or "come over here, B!"

I used it in this case because I was making a reference to her screen name, which also starts with a "b", so it works on the level of being an abbreviation for her name, as well as an endearment.
never mind this comment. It is clear that it is ill received and not at all deserved. I take it back.
ouch! That's an extreme measure to take against being corrected!
I'm confused.

Somehow, I feel that is intentional.
Is that a real quiz?
If you would choose to make it so. I'd be intrigued at your answers, anyway.
where did this quiz come from, anyway? why did you put it up?


February 6 2007, 03:05:45 UTC 10 years ago

ok, so the arcade fire is coming out with a new record in march. i happened to find a recording, albeit poor quality, of a concert in a basement in which said band performs the songs off this new record, now known as "neon bible." also, i would recommend finding the studio recordings of "intervention" and "black mirror," as those songs rule. if this is not news, disregard my message.

also, sartre is not as cool as the other existentialists.

Sweet! Thanks, TOOL CHEST. Also, Sartre is for paraplegics.


I've not actually read any Sartre. But I here he's not that great?


February 7 2007, 00:33:59 UTC 10 years ago

wow sir, you made quite a few spelling mistakes in proportion to your post. regardless, i have not read any sartre either, besides his famous quote, so i'm not really remotely any kind of authority on the matter. BUT THAT DOES NOT STOP ME FROM HAVING OPINIONS!

Here? haha! I meant to say "hear". As in, to hear! HA. AMUSING.


February 7 2007, 14:20:51 UTC 10 years ago

"hell is other people" man! i much prefer kierkegaard's "truth is subjectivity" existential, quickly taken out of context quotation. you see, there's a type of provocative quote that every nihilist teenager loves to irritate his friends with. that's the body of work i had in mind.

Well, I'm just making sure he didn't have any others... Like I said, that's pretty much all I know of him.
here? you disappoint me sooo much...
usually, I understand.